Tough decisions at the top


I have always been a strong supporter of union rights. However, I am old-school and I remember the union’s mission was to protect the blue-collar worker from hazardous work places and wages that relate to the current market. Community citizens are paying school tax and many are not involved in the benefits the revenue created; other than seeing our young people succeed.

We are facing a high unemployment rate in Oregon; if a member of the community is unemployed then he or she is not paying normal taxes. If unemployment is recent, he or she is drawing benefits the GOP wishes to strip away. Moreover, those fortunate to have employment see school services cut in the most needed areas. In addition, the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) continues. Who is the person negotiating with the unions? We all need to make tough decisions concerning sacrifices, not just the school board, and I do not envy their position in the least.

I am 59 and I have no children in our school system, however, I am a member of the community and my obligation to the community is to pay my fair share to the enrichment of a quality education to the future leaders of our community. Decisions are much clearer when you are not the one who will deal with the consequences of actions taken.

Jeff Daniels

Sweet Home