Towers decision as ‘cut-and-dried’


Once again the City Council showed its true colors.

The issue on the towers (Nov. 20) was already a cut-and-dried deal before the public meeting. In my opinion, they could care less about the feelings of the people of Sweet Home. The fiber optic cable was already on its way to Sweet Home and the “towers” long before the so-called public meeting, which was only a formality.

I’ve always supported Sweet Home, but when the levy comes up for a vote, I will vote “no.” It appears their agenda is all that matters. They have apparently forgotten who pays for all of this. The money comes from the taxpayers of Sweet Home.

I hope residents of Sweet Home  take notice about what’s going on and vote them out.

Mary Tate

Sweet Home

Editor’s Note: The decisions on the towers were made by the city’s Planning Commission, which is appointed by the City Council. Its decisions may be appealed to the City Council.