Treasurer’s plan for education lacking


So our Oregon Treasurer, Tad Wheeler, has a plan to make higher education more affordable by proposing that the state (you and me) take on debt so the students don’t have to.

Well, I have a better plan.

Since the Legislature claims that letting 38 to 80 illegal immigrants attend college on residential college rates in the next two years will increase our state’s revenue by $335,000 the first two years and an additional $1.6 million in the following two years, then why not triple the numbers of illegal immigrants that can go to our universities?

This will triple our the money, increasing our revenue to over a million dollars the first year and three million the next two years. Then we take the money that we get from enrolling these illegal immigrants and put it into a fund that will make school affordable for everyone.

Just think how much more money we could put into that fund if, under the guise of political correctness, we force our universities to make half of their enrollment illegal immigrants.

It won’t even require an election. This might make too much sense to our lofty State Treasurer.

Jeani West

Sweet Home