Tristan’s treatment inspirational


As an outsider looking in, I would like to express how proud I am of theway that family, friends, church, and community came together to celebrate the life of Tristan Varner.

From the hundreds of people who attended the Make of Wish BBQ in Tristan’s honor (what a fabulous organization!), to the individuals who provided rides on motorcycles, trucks, helicopters and more, you are truly heroes.

To the family and friends that took care of him, stood by his side, visited him, called him, played hours of video games and countless hands of “UNO” with him, your commitment and out pouring of love of selflessness has truly been an inspiration in my life.

At Tristan’s funeral service, there was a beautiful wreath of flowers that said, “Super Hero.” That’s how I will always remember Tristan. A super hero, who in only nine short years, was able to bring an entire community from all different walks of life together as one. What an amazing feat!

May God bless you and keep you.

Cathie Kropf