Truth mixed with some foolishness


There was a lot of truth in the article by Matt Wingard in which he attacked Barack Obama (Aug. 6).

Truth No. 1: Obama is black – Matt Wingard spent the first one-third of the article referencing African-Americans and seems a little put off that all black people don’t think alike.

Truth No. 2: Obama’s reasoning in not supporting school vouchers. I am impressed by the dedication of the parents in our local charter school. I am also impressed by the amount of instruction the children receive. I would love for my six year old to be able to attend the charter school. But for us, that’s not going to happen, at least not yet.

My son, while amazing, would qualify as one of the hardest-to-teach children that Obama talks about. The last two years when May and June roll around, my husband and I looked at the charter school and wanted the charter school as an option for our child. The charter school works great for most kids, so long as they don’t have a disability, require a different learning approach, or don’t have a behavior problem.

While our charter school has been open to take on the difficult task of teaching our child, we ultimately resolved the school just doesn’t have the resources available to create a positive learning experience for our son. While I support the creativity, and the parental involvement of the charter school, I totally get Obama’s concern about draining our public schools of resources, including involved parents.

Matt Wingard’s statement that Obama is a hypocrite because he sent his daughters to private school is foolish.

A good parent does what is best for his or her child. A good president does what is best for his or her country. Just because the two may not line up doesn’t make the person a hypocrite.

I wish Matt Wingard would have made a serious attempt to counter Obama’s points, but maybe he doesn’t want to go there.

Rachel Kittson-MaQatish

Sweet Home