‘Twisted’ truth in gun argument

In response to Ms. Daiute’s

letter about how bad guns are, and

how we should not have the right

to own one, I would like to tell her

more facts, since she has twisted

the truth.

Cities such as Chicago and

New York have the strictest gun

laws, yet the highest crime and

murder rates in the world. Crimi-

nals don’t normally try to attack or

commit a crime against someone

who might have a gun to protect


The idea of taking guns away

from the law-abiding citizens an-

gers me. It would have my dad,

who happened to carry a ri

le in

Europe during World War II to

protect that right and your right for

free speech.

If he were alive today and

knew the Democrats were trying

to take that right away, murder

unborn babies and make marriage

available to homosexuals, he would

have changed parties, as I have.

Your idea that murders only oc-

curred during the Reagan and Bush

years is idiotic. How many lives

were saved by law-abiding citizens

owning guns during those 30 years

you do not tell us. As far as settlers

dying form their guns, how many

would have died from Indians and

outlaws without having a gun?

Or how many thousands would

have died of starvation without a


It’s ludicrous that anyone

would think that families traveling

out west would be safer without a


I have to tell you, Ms. Daiute,

that the No. 1 cause of death for ba-

bies is not guns, but abortion. Lib-

erals are only liberal until someone

disagrees with them.

As far as owning guns, thou-

sands have sacri

iced for our free-

doms, such as our Second Amend-

ment right.

This is where I am pro-choice.

I choose to own a gun. If you do

not, that’s

ine with me.

Dennis Huenergardt

Sweet Home