Use federal money for sidewalks


The City Council was wondering just what they would do with the new $2 million that the government is sending to Sweet Home to help with the super-structure of our city (April 21). They couldn’t agree on a project.

I have a suggestion:  As Sweet Home progresses to the east, many new homes and neighborhoods are developing. They include sidewalks.

However, Long Street is on the southern border of all of this new development and has no sidewalks for the last mile  and a half, or so, of its length. 

Long Street, which is the longest east-west street in Sweet Home and also one of the fastest traveled, has only deep, dangerous ditches along the street with no place to jump to as a car comes barreling along.

Many seniors live along this eastern mile and walk their dogs at their peril of being run over or falling into a ditch.

Why can’t the City Council spare some of that $2 million to cover the ditches and put in sidewalks along Long Street? Does someone have to be killed before it can be done?

Marilyn Schlim

Sweet Home