Use sale funds to pay down loan


I read, with interest, the reporting on the sale of the property previously housing Public Works (Nov. 20).

In the article it was reported that the original thinking was to use the money from the sale to help pay for the remodel of the new City Hall. This is how I recall the discussions on this and City Manager Ray Towry has apparently stated that, in his opinion, the money should be used to help pay down the interfund loan established to complete the remodel.

This is sound thinking and I believe this is how the money should be used. This was the original thinking and should be followed through on. The article stated that there had been some other ideas apparently thrown around on the use of this money.

I have no idea as, since my retirement from the Budget Committee, I am no longer in the loop, so to speak.

Sometimes lost in the reporting and discussions is the fact that, through the wisdom and forward thinking of previous councils and budget committees, money was saved in a building fund that not only paid for the purchase price of the building but also contributed more than $200,000 toward the remodel.

We can have disagreements over what should or should not have been included, but the fact remains that it did not take a bond measure to enable us to have a much-needed new City Hall, but some fairly good planning a long time ago. 

Now it’s time to follow through on the original discussions: use the money from the property sale to help pay down the loan. It would be my suggestion to use $180,000 from the property sale to apply toward the loan and let the balance stay in Public Works to be used toward the construction of the trail to the river that has been discussed.

I have no idea what the coming budget for the new year will look like but do think that serious thought should be given to once again start contributing to the Building Fund, as that account has now been drained.

I do realize that the amount could not be what we previously put aside as the loan repayment should be considered first but it is necessary that we continue to look forward. 

The City Manager is offering some sound advice and I am confident that with discussions with the council the right path will be followed.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Holley

Sweet Home