Vaccination issue is one of freedom


I’m a small businesswoman. I run two small businesses and work part-time at a third job as well. I do those things on top of being a wife and taking care of a home.

I’m a sister, a daughter, a friend and, most importantly, I am a mother.

Because I am a mother, I want my child to have full access to every educational opportunity that any other child has.

I want my child to play sports, and learn instruments, and play them in a band with other children his age.

I want him to do science club, or chess club, or the debate team.

I want my child to be able to watch his cousins at cheer competitions and wrestling tournaments and graduations.

I want my child to have every opportunity that every other child has.

But because I am his mother, I refuse to sit idly by while our government, the people who are supposed to work for us, try to strip away our rights as parents to decide what is best and safe for our children.

I cannot be silent while they try to mandate liability-free drugs that have been proven to be “unavoidably unsafe.” And I will not turn a blind eye while they hold my child’s education and ability to be a productive, functioning member of society, as well as my ability to earn an income, hostage in their little game.

This is not about whether you are pro-vax, pro-science, anti-vax, ex-vax, or “vaccine hesitant.” This is about our freedom, as American people, to decide what is injected into our bodies, or what is injected into our innocent children’s bodies!

Please, I beg you, join me! Join me and many other parents, grandparents, doctors, nurses, and teachers who simply want to protect our children and our American freedoms – freedoms that have been paid for, over and over, throughout the years with the blood of our ancestors, our friends, and our family.

It is our turn to stand up and protect those freedoms now!

Join me at noon April 23 at a rally across from the capitol in Salem.

This is a family-friendly event.

Joy Stokes

Sweet Home