Vote to make a difference


Oregon will be a big state in the Democrat electoral vote this time in deciding the nominee. This makes it important to be informed on both candidates and how they will work for us and actually make a difference.

This isn’t a vote for male, female, black or white. Its a vote for the best candidate who is most qualified to run for president.

With gas prices going up, healthcare in need, global warming in affect, schools in crisis, Iraq war casualties and the recession in progress, we need a change.

What should we look for?

Qualifications, history of success and were these candidates passionate about these issues prior to declaring their nomination?

1. Past behavior predicts future. What are they saying now and have they fought for this successfully in the past? What above issues have they lobbied for prior to the election?

2. Experience. In our situation now we cannot afford to wait for the new president to “get adjusted to the new position.” He or She needs to jump right in and change things immediately. He or she needs to take on congress and fight for what they have promised and other issues that arise.

3. Honesty. We need the truth as it happens or comes out. We should never have to second guess what they are telling us.

All the above issues affect us directly or will have an effect on someone we know. We need to look out for everyone. We need to do our homework. We need to research our candidates, their records, success rates and experience. We finally have a say so let’s use it to help make a difference!

Lisa Cuevas, Democrat

Sweet Home