What do we know that others don’t?


I would like to applaud City Councilors Trask, Mahler and Mayor Gourley for standing up and trying to look after the citizens of this community.

Obviously, the other four councilors are lacking common sense and don’t understand the ramifications from their actions.

There were 100-plus community governments with a lot more intelligence that voted in a one- year moratorium and for good reasons.

Two things stand out in my mind if we allow a dispensary in this community: higher crime rates and opening a door for unwanted individuals to this community.

We can debate the pros and cons of medical marijuana all day long but the bottom line is marijuana is still illegal and there are still too many issues to be resolved regarding regulatory controls on the use of medical marijuana and dispensaries.

I encourage the citizens to step up and start smelling the roses, or soon we will be smelling marijuana.

Ed Johnson