Where are the old folks?


Am I the only one who is getting older? Where are my peers?

I have been delivering Meals on Wheels for a few years, and enjoy it. But there are a few problems:

When I first began, we had six routes and lots of drivers, and fed about 30 people at the dining room.

Now we have fewer routes. Are the old folks at home starving or still cooking for themselves? And in the dining room we rarely have 10. Is no one getting older to replace those who have left us – graduating to Wiley Creek?

Our food is better than frozen TV dinners! We are a great in-between place for the transition from fully independent to needing more care.

And we need drivers and kitchen servers. Yes, these are volunteer (unpaid) jobs, but is money the only criterion? How about the camaraderie of the team and fulfilling a need for those who are no longer able to manage entirely alone? If gas money is a problem for drivers, you can be reimbused (tax free).

Meals are for seniors (60+) or disabled; if those who need delivery can afford to pay, fine, but lack of funds doesn’t have to mean you go hungry.

Drivers and servers (of any age!) have lunch after the routes are delivered, and others who don’t want to cook at home can come to the Senior Center dining room.

Meals are served at noon every Monday, Tuesday and Friday (except holidays).

Meals on Wheels uses the Senior Center facilities, but is not “sponsored” by the Senior Center, which serves its own lunch on Wednesdays.

The United Methodist Church serves “Manna” on Friday evenings. They probably would welcome some help too.

If you know of neighbors who need our help, have them call Norene at 367-8843.

Yes, that includes people outside the city limits. If you want to come to the dining room, let Norene know ahead so she can order enough food. Transportation?

Call the SHARE bus, 367-4775.

As our numbers have dwindled, I’m afriad the Meals on Wheels site here will be closed. I like eating here, so I don’t want that to happen.

Come on, get out of the house, be helpful, and visit with new and old friends!

Joan Scofield

Sweet Home