Where were the citizens?


I have to ask: Where were the citizens of Sweet Home when the City Council held a public work session at the Police Department on June 22?

To fill you in since you did not care enough to come find out, OMI (a privately owned business ) came to discuss contracting with the city of Sweet Home to show a more economical way of operating the maintenance and management of the water and wastewater treatment facility. There would be a savings of over $50,000 a year and this to me would benefit the citizens here – unless, of course, you like paying the high cost of water and sewer and watching your lawn die because it is too expensive to maintain.

Besides most water and sewer employees and their faithful union leader, there were only two to three others at this meeting. They were there, I am sure, to persuade the council members to deny OMI contracting with the city since it was shown that OMI would cut back on employees needed.

One of the employees brought up what happened when they outsourced the meter reading. I have been told by a reliable source that when the city was doing it, they had three employees reading the meters. Well now, it takes one person who rides around on a small motor scooter to do it. So, how many extra city employees are they using now for the water facilities?

If you are tired of paying high cost for water and sewer here, I hope you will make the time to be at the City Council meeting where the final ruling will be made. Unless, of course, everyone besides me is a millionaire here in Sweet Home. Elderly people or disabled people, if you need a ride, feel free to call me but I hope to see a crowded house, like they expected at the work session, to be at that meeting.

And one last thing: I was appalled and disgusted with a City Council member who decided to show up in some kind of baggy shorts. Mr. Rowley, you really should respect not only your fellow council members, but the citizens of this town. I don’t expect our “representatives” to dress in a coat and tie, but learn to dress and have some respect if you choose to be a council member.

Kim Lawrence

Sweet Home