Where’s tax (and other money going?


I believe our liberal state leaders are learning from our Sweet Home liberal leaders how to lose, spend and hide our tax money.

Some of Sweet Home’s Jamboree dollars have seemed to disappear and these officials haven’t (and won’t) explain where it went.

Sweet Home water and sewer are one of the highest costs in Linn County, along with Sweet Home’s property tax rate. We have paid millions of dollars for these water and sewer projects. Now these leaders say they need more millions and these tax-and-spend people want us taxpayers to OK another tax levy in May 2014.

These Sweet Home tax-paid employees and city leaders probably want to pass a “stimilus package” formore city pay raises.

Then I read in the Democrat-Herald that our state liberal leaders lost, spent, hid 150 million of our tax money. Between the state and the liberal city of SweetHome, maybe there will be someone to be held legally responsible for these “iffy” actions.

Even, maybe, our tax-and-spend president should be thrown into the same, lost, spend-or-hide tax-dollar pit.

Don Fowler

Sweet Home