Who’s really out of touch today?


Liberalism at its finest:

It’s OK to stomp on an American flag but it’s not OK to wear the flag on a tee shirt to school on Cinco de Mayo day.

It’s OK to burn a flag but not to hang it it outside on your home in certain neighborhood.

It’s OK to teach the Koran in some schools but not the Bible.

It’s OK to play a concert in countries who kill homosexuals, lesbians, cross dressers and transgenders, but ban concerts for states who limit where a transgendered person goes to the bathroom.

You can’t discriminate in business against anyone for any reason but you can label a bunch of minority too dumb to be accepted into college without the help of affirmative action.

It’s OK to harvest body parts from aborted babies but not from animals.

Politically correct is more important than freedom of speech.

And they say conservatives are out of touch with today’s values.

Jeani West

Sweet Home