Why do we need artificial turf?


So our elite School Board is going to install an artificial turf.

How come you did not have public meetings on the matter? Milt Moran and Larry Horton claim that an artificial turf will get kids away from computers and outside. Who did you guys interview to prove this theory of yours? How come the field can’t be played on as it is? Why?

Coach Nichols, how come other sports teams and kids can’t use the field how it is at this time? Superintendent Keith Winslow, kids can’t play outside with soggy shoes? This is Oregon, sir; it rains here. Artificial turf has to be replaced every 10-12 years. Artificial turf has to be cleaned every so often to remove dirt and debris. The base for artificial turf is ground-up used tires, which have chemicals in them. Injuries increase from artificial turf use, when compared with natural grass.

Kevin Strong, sir, you want to turn on lights at night for people that use this new turf. How come you can’t turn on the lights at night for natural grass field use?

I hope you gentlemen can answer these questions. Inquiring minds want to know.

Royce Cantrell

Sweet Home