Why is tobacco still legal?


According to the medical experts, tobacco is killing 1.4 million people a year. There are 10.9 million new cases per year of lung cancer.

We can stop this. The citizens of the USA need to speak out. Back years ago, we didn’t know better and many of us were hooked on tobacco without realizing the consequences. But today we are bombarded with information that tells us “it will kill you.”

For those of us that are addicted and won’t stop, that is the choice we might be stuck with, but not necessarily so. Doctors can give you all kinds of things to quit. There are patches and medications you can take too.

My husband has chosen to continue with his chewing tobacco, so why am I speaking out?

We have our children and grandchildren and all the young people of the world that think it is “cool” to smoke, chew or whatever they do.

All the preaching in the world won’t stop 100 percent of them from smoking.

What can we do? Write and complain to our elected officials. Stop growing tobacco, and make it illegal. We have excellent congressmen in D.C. who want to do the right thing. Let them know how you feel. Write our president, give him a reason to shut down this billion dollar crop that is killing our young people who are the voters and movers and shakers of tomorrow. And most people that began smoking years ago wished they had not done that.

They may be mad at us, but I think even they will support making tobacco illegal. It might just save some young family member of theirs too.

Lobbyists will fight us with their big bucks. But remember the little guys and gals can bring down Goliath.

Mona Waibel

Sweet Home