Why no prayer for City Council?


We recently moved back to Oregon after living in Southern California to help take care of my grandparents. I am an individual that involves myself in community and attends City Council meetings.

What I saw or did not see at my first council meeting in my community surprised me. They opened session with the flag salute but not prayer.

I did some research and went on-line to 15 other cities in Oregon and found only one city that opened in prayer. I was also surprised to find two of them did not open with prayer or a flag salute. I knew where we moved from in Southern California they opened in prayer, when I attended their council meetings I saw it first hand. I went on-line to nine cities surrounding the area where we moved from and all of them opened in prayer and a flag salute.

I even went a step further and looked up Palm Springs and San Francisco, known to be very liberal, and they too open their council sessions with the flag salute and prayer. So, what is with Oregon?

I am blown away. Congress opens with prayer, our state government opens with prayer, why not local city councils? Is there a reason why Oregon does not open with prayer? Don’t we need all the help we can get in government? What would prayer hurt? We still are a nation known as One Nation Under God.

Nancy Patton

Sweet Home