Writer off base on sheriff’s integrity


When Diane Daiute calls anyone who needs to own more than two guns, assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips “sick and in need of help,’’ you, my dear, are insulting very decent God- loving, honest, hard-working, patriotic Veterans in this county.

You should be ashamed of yourself, but, I’m sure you’re not. In fact, I’ll bet you are really proud of yourself.

I’ve never seen a gun advertised for “killing and maiming” anyone. Ha ha, how funny you are, comparing “amassing a personal arsenal” to postage stamps. You are a funny person. And, by making a terrible, crude, comment about the Constitution, you really show your true colors.

Two hundred years ago, people’s minds were not corrupted like yours is. They were oppressed and wanted out from under the tyrannical control of an enslaving government.

Hence, the Second Amendment was written to protect us against the chance of another tyrannical government trying to enslave and oppress future generations. If you do not like this country or county, please feel free to leave.

I will donate seed money of one U.S. dollar toward your bus trip out of this great state, county, and nation. Then you can live in a less friendly environment, which you have seemed to create for yourself.

And, in another country you might have the chance to “enjoy’’ real honest oppression of your rights. “Irresponsible gun worshipers.”

Our Sheriff Mueller, now here is a man with integrity. And he is voicing his opinion – thank you, First Amendment.

Yes, this is his right! You have the gall to compare him in words I will not give you the satisfaction of reading/seeing in print. But, I’ll give you this: You call him your “Buddy’’ a few lines down, so you’re showing no hard feeling, I guess. Good for you!!

I have an idea for you: Why not put a sign or two in your yard, stating your dislike for guns, and also, note that you do not own any, which, I’m sure, is the case. Then everyone can see how you stand. And, no hard feeling from me, thank you, in fact, for instilling in me to help represent and uphold good, decent gun ownership and the Second Amendment, as well as your right to freedom of speech.

And, let’s not forget those brave solders of the past, who with Gen. Washington stood up to the tyrannical government that tried and failed to overthrow us, by using – well, I think you know where this is going.

Plus, the brave men and women of today’s military, continue to uphold these same standards. Even “your’’ president has taken an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

Dwight “Butch” Brown

Sweet Home