Writer’s opinion of Trump changed


Well, it’s vot’n time. It comes down to who you believe.

For me, a 2016 Trump skeptic, I believe him. After all, he kept close to all his campaign promises in 4 years while being pursued by the opposition party for Russia, Russia, Russia, and impeachment for a supposed quid-pro-quo call to Ukraine. No other president has ever done this! Oops, better say since I began voting in 1971. He ain’t pretty, but then again, he ain’t a politician!

On the other hand, you have Biden who hasn’t appeared to have kept any campaign promises in 47 years (maybe there were one or two) and who, by his own admission, did offer a 1-billion dollar quid-pro-quo to Ukraine as his cocaine abusing son with zero business experience got paid some $83,000 dollars a month (that’s each and every month) to sit on the Ukraine gas company board that his dad had the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into it, fired.

And don’t get me started down the COVID path of hysteric xenophobia.

We all probably have our minds made up.

All I can say is “Lord help us if Biden is elected” and “Lord help us if Trump is elected.”

Bottom line, “Lord help us!”

Richard Rowley

Sweet Home