Writer’s ‘prulogy’ idea a good one


I was so delighted with Jeff Hutchin’s column (Nov. 11) about having a “prulogy” (pre-eulogy?) before death to honor our fine friends, rather than waiting until after they die. I don’t know how Jeff concocted the word “prulogy;” I heartily agree with his concept.

Some time ago I read about a woman who was slowly dying. She decided there would be no funeral or memorial service after she was gone. As her time drew near, her solution was to throw a farewell party just before she died! They all had a ball, and she died eight days later.

I have often thought of Tom Sawyer, who walked in on his own funeral, and I have wished that it were not a fictional fluke but a bona fide custom.

Why not tell people what impact they have had on our lives? It is such an encouragement to them to know they are truly improving their world. Let them die happy! So many people die not ever knowing if their lives made any difference. What a depressing way to leave this world.

Will anyone join me in starting a new custom? True, not all of us know when our end is near, but some people do. Why not celebrate with them?

In any case, express your thanks and gratitude to your special people… Don’t keep it a secret.

Joan Scofield

Sweet Home