You’re known by your friends


On Dec. 4, a witness at the hearing in Washington mentioned what our president should have said, “Russia, if you are listening – butt out…!”

Like millions raised when I was, children were terrified when we had to practice crawling under our school desk in case that evil empire launched a nuclear attack.

The instant Trump exposed his desire to get help getting elected from that evil empire, many of us patriotic Americans realized this is not a good person to lead our country.

When millions were fooled into supporting him and got him elected, those of us who cared about our nation began wanting him impeached.

Why? Because good parents taught all of us something very important. Tell us who your friends are and the world will know who you are.

That plea early in Trump’s political venture is the very moment we saw danger to our nation.

Yes! He needed immediate impeachment from the moment of his election, just like the act of a parent grabbing a kid trying to jump from a speeding car.

Carl Sundberg

Sweet Home