Youth council needs members

Sean C. Morgan

Of The New Era

Eight spots remain open on the Sweet Home Youth Advisory Council.

The City Council re-appointed three girls to the council during its regular meeting on Sept. 9. They included senior Afton Rodgers, junior Jill Mahler and sophomore Taylar Rodgers.

Positions remaining open include one freshman, one high school at large, one junior high at large, one seventh grade, one eighth grade and three for ages 12 to 19.

The YAC has a “meeting scheduled for next Tuesday (Sept. 16),” City Manager Craig Martin said. “I think initial efforts will be on spreading the word in hopes of getting a full complement of YAC members.”

The YAC had its most active year last school year, with nine students serving on the committee. The committee organized a cleanup project at Sankey Park with a dance following it this summer.

The slate is open for projects and ideas for the YAC this year, Martin said. “There is nothing on the slate per se other than the previous YAC recommends they continue the annual event that they did last year.”

The previous YAC recommended coming up with a similar project with an activity, like the dance, following to encourage youth to become involved with youth projects, he said.

“They might be interested in advocating or assisting with a peer court activity,” Martin said, referring to the recent end to the country program. The YAC also might take an interest in the Sweet Home Area Revitalization Effort and its economic and community development goals. It has many options open to it.

Members are encouraged to attend other city committee meetings, from the council to parks and safety, he said, “to hear about what those committees and groups are talking about.”

If appropriate, members can provide a youth voice in those discussions, he said.

The YAC has had several inquiries, but so far only three incumbent members have turned in their applications, Martin said.

For more information about the YAC, contact the city manager at 367-8969.