Zoning would help downtown

I read in the Feb. 22 The New Era about a new porn shop coming into town, then learned it will be situated at 1223 Main St. What will be next for Sweet Home? A strip club?

If so, somebody might as well open up an “Ole Style Chicken Ranch,” just like down in La Grange, Texas. Since we can have chickens in the city, we might as well put them to use. If it is so necessary to have this type of business, why not have it situated somewhere else other than on Main Street right in the downtown core?

The beautification projects may be overwhelming; maybe we will be seeing some adult-style balloons. It is really going to be in a great location during Halloween, when the children go trick-or-treating. Maybe this year it will be the adults’ turn. I, for one, will not be allowing my daughter around this area. I am not willing to have my child or grandchildren subjected to this type of undesirable business.

Seriously, we really do need to think what type of businesses Sweet Home really deserves. We need to take lessons from other cities, like La Grange, Texas. Once you have one of these types of businesses, there will be no stopping and then how long do you think it will take to clean up Sweet Home.

We need to temper what we are wanting and where do we stop? We need to think of our children and grandchildren. Businesses like this and others prey on our children. Soon they will be hanging out with the undesirables, bringing home the undesirables, marrying the undesirable and bringing home your grandbaby with a dog collar around it.

Here we had a business like Valley View Logging, who is wanting to expand their area, yet our councilmen are unwilling. I guess this is really putting Sweet Home at the end of the food chain.

As I have said before I am all for new businesses but let us have respectable businesses. I keep hearing from people how hard it is to start a business in Sweet Home. We need our councilmen and city manager to try and bring in more desirable businesses and letting established businesses expand.

Let’s not stop progress but let’s stop the undesirable businesses in Sweet Home, and bring decent businesses into town.

Let us not forget that, to provide beautification to Sweet Home, we need to think of not just the downtown core but right down to The Point at Foster Lake along ALL of Main Street.

It is also time the city starts to deal with the dilapidated buildings to boot, to enhance the City of Sweet Home.

Melanie Fassler