73rd Annual Sweet Home Rock and Mineral Show a Resounding Success

Photo by Kristy Tallman – Marcus Logan of Visions Rock Shop traveled all the way from Lincoln City to showcase his extensive collection of rare finds.

The 73rd Annual Sweet Home Rock and Mineral Show delighted attendees this past weekend, March 30-31, offering a captivating experience for rock and mineral enthusiasts of all ages. The event was held at the Sweet Home High School Activity Gym located at 1641 Long St.

Upon entering the gym, visitors were greeted with a vibrant array of displays showcasing an impressive collection of rocks, minerals, and fossils. Informative demonstrations provided valuable insights into the fascinating world of geology, captivating both newcomers and seasoned collectors alike.

A variety of vendors were on hand, offering a wide selection of rocks, minerals, and jewelry for purchase. The raffles added an element of excitement to the event, giving attendees the chance to win unique prizes while supporting the show.

One such vendor, Marcus Logan from Visions Rock Shop was one of the attendees with a large selection of rocks and minerals he had brought from his shop in Lincoln City. He said of the event, “This is the best show in the entire Pacific Northwest. We have visited a lot of rock shops and shows and this is our absolute favorite, best turnout, best folks in the entire state of Oregon.”

Logan, who has been operating a rock shop for nine years as well as rockhounding all his life, emphasized the exclusivity of the event, saying, “It takes many, many years to get into this club because they’re very selective about who they allow in. And people aren’t giving up their spots either; it’s an absolute favorite show.”

Also onhand was Logan’s assistant Aunica Fragall who said, “The show has been absolutely amazing. All of the vendors have a bunch of different stuff, which I did not expect, and everyone has been extremely kind. It’s been wonderful.”

For those in need of refreshment after exploring the exhibits, delicious food options were available for purchase outside, ensuring that everyone stayed energized throughout the day.

The show was well-attended at the standing room only event, with enthusiasts of all ages coming together to share their passion for rocks and minerals. Admission to the event was a nominal $1 and children aged 12 and under were admitted for free when accompanied by an adult.

For anyone interested in learning more about rocks and minerals or looking to add to their collection, the Sweet Home Rock and Mineral Show proved to be the place to be this past weekend. Organizers can be reached at (541) 451-2740 or (541) 451-1577 for more information about future events.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, providing a fun and educational experience for attendees and showcasing the beauty and diversity of the world beneath our feet.