A Skull, a Half Naked Burglar and a Bonfire Gone Wrong…

Kristy Tallman

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) was extremely busy this week fighting some really odd crimes.

According to LCSO the weekend kicked off an array of strange crimes that continued into the week with the eventual discovery of a human skull.

Starting with the previous weekend LCSO handled several traffic violations for speeding stating, “Folks were flying by, but their wings and jet engines were not operating properly because deputies were successful in catching up to them and issuing citations for speeds such as 43 and 45 mph in a 25 mph zone, 76, 77 and 78 mph in a 55 mph zones, and 34 mph in a 20 mph zone.”

LCSO said, “While these speeds do not seem excessive to some, LCSO has responded to tragic outcomes in school and residential zones due to speed.”

From there things just got stranger. LCSO responded to a rescue on Saturday, Feb. 4, but it was not a typical rescue. No one was injured, they weren’t trapped in the snow or in need of medical treatment. Instead, LCSO responded to someone trapped behind the gate of their storage facility at 1100 NE Old Salem Road in Albany.

Of the event LCSO stated, “While we are sure the subject was very secure where he was locked in, LCSO was happy to receive the call for help and assisted the subject by inputting a code and getting the gate open!”

In LCSO’s quite humorous post on Facebook outlining the events of their weekend, LCSO said it pays to have police officers as neighbors.

According to their reports next on the list was a scantily dressed burglar found at the 41800 block of Marks Ridge Drive in Sweet Home.

LCSO said that Andrew Moseley, 35, of Lebanon was shocked to be caught so quickly and arrested for burglarizing and attempting to cozy up in a home where he didn’t belong. The burglar was wearing his slippers, but no pants.

“Before the parents could get home to the teen, who was the only resident home at the time and frightened hiding in the bedroom, a neighbor (who happens to be a police officer) was able to confront and detain the burglar until deputies arrived,” reported LCSO.

They further stated, “We are not sure why Mr. Moseley was wearing only certain clothing, but he was provided full attire when he arrived at the Linn County Jail on charges of burglary in the first degree.”

From there things just went from weird to worse, as a large group of folks gathered around a bonfire found themselves in need of LCSO services.

LCSO said, “There was some arguing, some pushing and shoving, even name calling, but ultimately, there was someone who ended up IN, yes IN, the bonfire and subsequently treated for burns on 6% of their body.”

There were some underage people at the bonfire but they were pleased to report, “There was no detection of alcohol from those parties involved, and overall, the victim will be ok.”

Later in the week the LCSO received yet another strange call of human remains being found in Brownsville.

In a press release offered by LCSO on Friday, Feb 9, Linn County Sheriff Michelle Duncan reported a caller reported finding skeletal remains on the property he resides on. The property is located on rural acreage off of Highway 228, outside of Brownsville.

“Deputies responded and found a human skull in an area where brush was being cleared by the resident. Detectives will continue the investigation as to cause of death, how long the skull has been there or who it belongs to,” stated Duncan.

LCSO asks if anyone has information regarding the discovery to please contact Detective Scott Tennant at (541) 967-3950.