Bookmobile needs volunteer drivers

The Linn Library League bookmobile needs a few volunteers to relieve the ones who have been driving the mobile library around Linn County since last May.

“This is gratifying and rather easy work,” says Linda Ziedrich, who with May Garland shares the job of coordinating the Linn Library League. “The driving amounts to only a couple of hours a day. In between the driver can chat with patrons–who are really grateful for the service–or go out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.” No special driver’s license is needed to drive the bookmobile. The League hopes to find volunteers willing to work one day a week through October.

The bookmobile runs four days a week, from its home in Lebanon to various communities without libraries: Crabtree, Crawfordsville, Foster, Clover Ridge, Lacomb, Waterloo, Jordan, Cascadia, Sodaville, Halsey, and Tangent. There are also stops at retirement homes and at Riverside Headstart in Albany.

Supported by grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Technology, administered by the Oregon State Library, and from the Meyer Memorial Trust, the bookmobile is intended to demonstrate the value of library service to those who have never experienced it. The bookmobile will run six months per year through 2006. After that, the League hopes, Linn County voters will create a library district, so all residents will be guaranteed good library service.

Those interested in helping with the bookmobile should call Ziedrich at 503-394-3643 or Garland at 503-394-3696.