Boys soccer team performs well, loses 2-0 at V. Catholic

The boys varsity soccer team lost 2-0 to Valley Catholic away on Friday.

“It was a strong game,” senior Chris Burford said. “Pretty much they scored their points on breakaways.”

The Huskies controlled the ball well and kept it in the middle of the field, Burford said. They were able to take nine or 10 shots on goal.

“We had a few on target to the keep, a few just over the bar,” Burford said.

“We’ve got a strong defense,” Burford said. “We just need to work on converting some of our shots into points.”

Valley Catholic took just a handful more shots on goal than the Huskies with 12 or 13.

Against East Linn Christian Academy at home on Tuesday last week, the Huskies lost 4-1.

“We did get a point, and we felt like winners,” Beard said. Steven Covey scored the Huskies’ goal off a foul shot.

“It was pretty tough,” Burford said. East Linn Christian Academy is a good passing team, and the Huskies didn’t mark up well on defense that day. They had five or six shots on goal while East Linn had about 20.

“I felt we competed well,” Coach Louis Dix said. “The kids played hard.”

The team made a few fundamental mistakes against East Linn, but they regrouped for a better performance against Valley Catholic, Coach Dix said. They kept to their zones and communicated well on Friday.

“I think all of our players feel optimistic after the way they played,” Coach Dix said.