Break-In at Sweet Home High School results in $1,600 worth of equipment theft

Kristy Tallman

On Tuesday, January 2, an unknown person entered the Sweet Home High School at approximately 1am through an unlocked door at the gym entrance.

In a video posted to Facebook by Steve Thorpe, SHHS wrestling coach, it showed the suspect opening the door with his bicycle in tow. He used the bicycle to prop the door open while he entered the building. Walking into the corridor, he looks around the area before opening the door straight ahead of the entrance. He uses his cell phone to take a picture of the interior then turns to the entrance looking backward to photograph the entrance he just came through. He then disappears down the hallway and the video ends.

According to Sweet Home Police Captain Ryan Cummings, the suspect entered the gym and stole a party box speaker valued at $1300 and a television valued approximately $300.

Thorpe said in his video post to facebook, that the television belonged to the wrestling program and the speaker belonged to the football program.

“These are purchased with fundraised money from these programs. If you know who this dirtbag is, please contact the Sweet Home Police Department.” He then encouraged others to share the post in an effort to help police.

Police said this is an open investigation.

“The investigation is ongoing,” said Cummings, “we are not familiar with the suspect.”

He added they were still all trying to figure out how he carried it all off on a bicycle.

They ask if anyone has information regarding the break in to contact Sweet Home Police Department at (541) 367-5181