Chamber accepting nominations for DSA honors

Nominations for Sweet Home Chamber of Commerce’s Distinguished Service Awards are being accepted through Friday, June 25.

Awards will be presented at the chamber’s awards banquet, which will be a vintage picnic dinner this year, held at 6 p.m. Saturday, July 24, at Sankey Park, complete with a performance by local music performer Jobe Woosley and Co.

Nomination criteria are as follows:

Distinguished Service Award: Must be 55 years of age or over with a minimum of 5 years community service in recent or in previous years. Areas of consideration include: participation in clubs and organizations, community service, youth involvement and church activities.

First Citizen: Must be over 41 years of age and have served the community for a period of 5 years or more. Areas to be judged include participation in clubs, organizations, community service, youth involvement and church.

Junior First Citizen: Must be under 41 years old and who has served the community for a minimum of five years with a variety of activities in school, community, church, etc.

Patti Woods Woman of the Year: Judged by five past recipients of the award. Judged in areas of club activities, community service youth activities (such as scouting) and church work. Both present and past work is acceptable.

Organization of the Year: Selected based on local organization’s ability to have significant community impact, which may include organizational success (based on mission statement), and measurable community impact as a result of organization’s services and community involvement. Organization must have been active in community for minimum of five years.

Business of the Year: Selection is based on active business success, employment/staff opportunity, long-term community impact, and community involvement. Business must have been active in community for minimum of five years.

Curb Appeal Award: Recognition is based on exterior appearance. Criteria is not restricted to Main/Long streets.

Nominations may be submitted to

Though not an award from the Chamber of Commerce, V.I.P. /Mona Waibel Awards are also presented at the chamber banquet to honor local residents who have contributed to the community in a vareity of ways.

V.I.P./Mona Waibel Award recipients must be 18 years of age or older, reside or work school district, and contribute a large amount of volunteer time to community activities. At least one of the activities should have been completed during the current year, but other activities in previous years may be listed.

Please include any additional information that would help the committee to make the best choice for the winner of the award. All nominees (unless otherwise indicated) must be residents of Sweet Home School District #55.

To nominate an individual for a V.I.P./Mona Waibel Award, contact Bob Dalton at (541) 367-5371.

For more information, contact the Sweet Home Chamber of Commerce at (541) 367-6186.