Class of 2021 Scholarships

Following are scholarships awarded to Sweet Home High School graduating seniors from the Class of 2021. This list does not include federal or state need grants. The total amount of scholarships, including financial aid, Oregon Promise, military and other grants, was $1,959,597. Alumni scholarships totaled $61,500. School-based scholarships (offered by colleges and universities) totaled $1,206,038. 



Bushnell University: Teja Abbott, Athletic Scholarship ($5,000 per year = $20,000); Academic Scholarship ($16,000 per year = $64,000), Visit Scholarship ($500 per year = $2,000) and Talent Award Volleyball ($5,000 per year = $20,000). 

Corban University: Jerusalen Jimenez-Ramon, Actsix Scholarship ($31,841/yr. = $127,364), Provost Scholarship ($14,000/yr. = $56,000) and Campus Visit ($500). 

George Fox University – Merit Scholarship ($14,000/yr = $56,000); On-Campus Tour Scholarship ($2,000/yr = $8,000); Al Thorthan Scholarship ($1,000) – Kathryn Hanni. 

Grand Canyon University: Jillian Lynn, Provost Scholarship ($3,200/yr. = $12,800) and Priority Registration ($100/yr. = $400); O’Rian Offutt, Antelope Scholarship ($1,450/yr. = $5,800), Thunder Fund Award ($750) and Early Registration ($150). 

Hawaii Pacific University: Natali Chase, Provost Scholarship ($13,000/yr. = $52,000) and Activity Band Scholarship ($6,000/yr. = $24,000); Kaitlyn Victor, Provost Scholarship ($13,000/yr. = $52,000), Visiting ($500), and Need Grant ($1,000/yr. = $4,000); and Alaina Curtiss, Provost Scholarship ($13,000/yr. = $52,000). 

Hesston College: Katie Robeck, Sports Scholarship ($8,000/yr. = $32,000) and Dean’s Scholarship ($10,000/yr. = $40,000). 

Kent State University: Abby Jernejcic, President Achievement Award ($6,875/yr. = $27,500), KSU Honors Distinction Scholarship ($2,000/yr. = $8,000) and Mullens Medallion Scholarship ($11,774/yr. = $47,096). 

Lewis and Clark College: Katie Ensley, Faculty Scholarship ($29,500/yr. = $118,000), Endowed Scholarship ($2,250/yr. = $9,000); and Academic Grant ($8.550/yr. = $34,200). 

Linn-Benton Community College – Tuition Credit: Savannah Hutchins ($2,700/yr = $5,400), Shelby Nichol ($2,025) and Graci Zanona ($2,025). 

Oregon State University – Finley Academic Excellence Scholarship: Jenae Ashton ($3,000/yr. = $12,000), Emily Farthing ($5,000/yr. = $20,000), Treyson Smith ($5,000/yr. = $20,000) and Gavin Walberg ($3,000/yr. = $12,000).

University of Oregon: Jake Fanning, Pathways Scholarship ($12,720/yr. = $50,880); Esther Ramsey, Pathways Scholarship ($8,720/yr. = $34,880) and Finley Academic Excellence Scholarship ($4,000/yr = $16,000).

Western Oregon University: Bailey Hartsook, Athletic Tuition ($8,460/yr. = $33,840), Athletic Housing ($10.803/yr. = $43,212), and Academic Scholarship ($2,000/yr. = $8,000); Kailey James, Presidential Scholarship ($17,000/yr. = $68,000), Impact Award ($3,200/yr. = $12,800), Academic Grant ($5,000/yr. = $20,000) and Schmidt Scholarship ($7,500/yr. = $30,000); and Aiden Tyler, Presidential Scholarship ($2,500/yr. = $10,000) and Athletic Scholarship  ($2,600/yr. = $10,400). 



Boys & Girls Club of the Greater Santiam Youth of the Year Scholarship: Abby Jernejcic ($600).

Boys & Girls Club of Oregon State Youth of the Year Scholarship: Abby Jernejcic ($2,500).

Father Paul Maher Scholarship (St. Edward’s Church, Lebanon): Jerusalen Jimenez-Ramon ($2,000).

Foster Elementary Alumni Scholarship: Jillian Lynn, Addalyn Gilmore and Bailee Hartsook ($300). 

Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center Virginia Welch Scholarship: Alashawnee Ragudo ($1,000). 

Linn-Co Federal Credit Union: Aiden Tyler ($1,000). 

Oregon Coaches Association: Bailee Hartsook and Treyson Smith ($1,000). 

Oregon School Employees Association: Cole Baxter and Savannah Hutchins ($500); Shelbey Nichol ($1,000).

Sportsman’s Holiday Queen Scholarship: Becky Belcher ($1,000).

Sportsman’s Holiday Court Miss Congeniality Scholarship: Olivia Martineau ($250).

Sportsman’s Holiday Princess Scholarship: Brenna Boyd, Natali Chase, Addalyn Gilmore, Jillian Lynn, Olivia Martineau, O’Rian Offutt, Katie Robeck and Kaitlyn Victor ($500). 

St. Helens Billie Drago Memorial Scholarship: Emily Windom and Crystal Wolf ($1,000). 

St. Helens Knights of Columbus: Owen Towry ($1,000). 

Sweet Home Education Association: Kaiden Deckard ($1,000). 

Sweet Home Elks MVP: Aiden Tyler ($500).



Baumgartner Family Scholarship (Forestry/Education): Gavin Walberg ($750). 

Carlson Family: Esther Ramsey ($500). 

Class of 1963: Katie Ensley ($600).

Class of 1968: Jenae Ashton ($650). 

Virginia Dosser: Kaitlyn Victor ($500). 

Driggs Family Community Service: Maren Weld ($1,000). 

Keesecker Family: Teja Abbott ($500).

Loren Emmert Family Scholarship (Medicine/Education): Aiden Tyler ($750). 

Fun Forest (Timber Management) (Logging): Gavin Walberg ($1,000). 

Tony and Shelly Larson Scholarship (Applied/Life/Physical Science): Natali Chase and Natalie Rodgers ($500).

McQueary Family Scholarship (Technology/Engineering/Science/Medicine): Alashawnee Ragudo ($1,000). 

Sportsman/Sorseth Family Scholarship: Owen Towry ($1,250). 

Walraven-Schirmer: Trace Marler (Two-year, $1,750). 


Dan and Daisy Ashton Memorial Scholarship ($4,500 for Linn-Benton Community College): Emily Farthing, Addalyn Gilmore, Savannah Hutchins, Alex Murray, Alashawnee Ragudo and Graci Zanona. 

Pat Baxter Memorial Scholarship (Wrestler): Treyson Smith ($500). 

Norm and Donna Davis Memorial (Wrestler): Sicily Neuschwander and Treyson Smith ($1,000).

Keith Gabriel Memorial: Owen Towry ($500). 

Greg Hagle Memorial: Cole Baxter, Aiden Tyler and Graci Zanona ($500). 

Casey “KC” Hanscam Memorial: Esther Ramsey ($750). 

L. David and Janice M. Horner Scholarship (Agriculture/Business/Music): Esther Ramsey ($1,000). 

Velma Martin Memorial: Bailee Hartsook ($2,000). 

Cody McFarland Memorial: Hunter Coulter ($500).

Dean McQueen Memorial: Sicily Neuschwander ($500).

Robbie Melcher Memorial: Shelbey Nichol ($1,500).

Milli Miller Scholarship: Katie Robeck ($500). 

Grace Patch Memorial: Hunter Coulter and Kaiden Deckard ($3,500).

Lawrence Parker Scholarship: Shelbey Nichol ($500). 

Jim Riggs Memorial Scholarship: Jenae Ashton ($1,000).

Dianne Kennedy Saldiver: Savannah Hutchins ($500).

John Seward:  Maren Weld ($500).

Chuck Smith: Owen Towry ($750).

Ramona Waibel: Cole Baxter ($1,500). 

SHAF Family Alumni: Graci Zanona ($1,000). 

SHAF GEAR UP – ($750/yr. = $1,500): Teja Abbott, Natali Chase, Katie Ensley, Jessy Hart, Savannah Hutchins, Sicily Neuschwander, O’Rian Offutt, Alashawnee Ragudo, Katie Robeck, Natalie Rodgers, Treyson Smith and Kaitlyn Victor. 

SHAF General: Jenae Ashton ($100); Trace Marler, Esther Ramsey and Gavin Walberg ($250); Katie Ensley ($400); Natali Chase, Jessy Hart, Savannah Hutchins, O’Rian Offutt, Alashawnee Ragudo, Katie Robeck, Natalie Rodgers, Maren Weld and Graci Zanona ($500); Aiden Tyler ($750); and Kaitlyn Victor ($1,000).

SHAF Kiwanis Scholarship: Sicily Neuschwander ($500). 

SHAF Rotary Scholarship: Maren Weld ($500); and Jillian Lynn and Olivia Martineau ($1,000).