Colin Nicholson Signs with Corban, Fulfilling Childhood Dream

The Sweet Home High school saw two athletes sign, with the second being Colin Nicholson May 21. Nicholson signed to Corban University located in Salem. 

Beginning his freshman year, Nicholson struggled to take basketball seriously. According to him, it wasn’t until his junior year when he realized that with dedication, it was something he could be fairly good at.

Photo by Sky Chappell

“College or anything at the next level is just a dream kids want to reach for which most the time is unreachable,” Nicholson said. “But, I was lucky enough to have a good community around me, good mentors and a faith in God which led me to the position I’m in now.” 

Nicholson was a three-year letter winner, and a two-time all league player. He was the leading scorer, rebounder and team captain his senior year. According to the coach, he was the first basketball player to sign since 2011. Nicholson plans to go to school with the hopes of pursuing a career in wildlife biology. 

“He improved more from his freshman to senior year, more than any player ever had,” Head Coach Drew Emmert said. “He is a great athlete and great kid Corban is lucky to have him.”

Nicholson attributes a lot of his successes to his faith. Coach Jason Smarr, spokesperson for Corban said, “I get to represent a great place, a great university where Christ is at the center. In my interactions with Colin, it was very clear that that is something that’s important to him.” 

“He’s an awesome person, for four years he was a great human in our school and just did a great job,” Emmert said. “I am very proud of him. He improved so much in high school and that is testament to his work ethic and determination to get better.”

“Something I’m super excited about is his humility, the way he carries himself,” Smarr said during his recognition. “I’m very excited to have him and his family join our family.” 

“I’m excited for the future and grateful for the opportunity to show my skill at the next level,” Nicholson said. “Ultimately it was just a dream I had as a kid [and] somehow made possible with God.” 

Nicholson is living proof that yet another success came from the Sweet Home athletic program.

Athletic director Dan Tow indicated the potential for more signing’s with undetermined dates.

Photo by Sky Chappell
Photo by Sky Chappell