Commissioner delivering on pledge to hold 100 meetings with public in first 100 days

When former State Rep. Sherrie Sprenger campaigned last year to become a Linn County commissioner, she committed to holding 100 meetings in her first 100 days in office – which will be Friday, April 16.

Linn County residents haven’t been shy about taking the Lacomb area resident up on her offer, but there is still time to be heard, and of course, she will remain committed to listening to Linn County residents long after her self-imposed kick-starter deadline. .

“I have met with mayors, city managers and current and former county employees,” Sprenger said. “I have also sent emails out to all Linn County employees.”

Sprenger said the common theme has been that Linn County people, “get it done” without a lot of fanfare.

“So many of the employees say they love Linn County and that’s why they are working for the county,” Sprenger said. “I’ve also learned there are so many good things going on, but people just don’t talk about them. We need to start telling our story and let people know what we do.”

Sprenger also said people want to see the county improve its social media presence, especially its website and to provide the public with more information about upcoming meetings, as well as county events.

“We have hired a Communications Office and those are among his top goals,” Sprenger said.

Sprenger said she has been busy working on Planning and Building issues as well as parks upgrades and infrastructure needs.

Sprenger came to the board after serving as the state representative for House District 17 for 13 years. In November, Sprenger captured 65% of the vote among four candidates for the Position 3 board seat.

She has a degree in management and communications from Corban University in Salem.

Sprenger is the board’s liaison to Linn County Parks and Museums, Planning and Building, assessment and taxation, the surveyor’s office and sheriff’s office.

To set up a meeting with Commissioner Sprenger, call 541-967-3825 or email: [email protected].

– Alex Paul, Linn County Communications Officer