County residential appraisals to start in Sweet Home

Staff from the Linn County Assessor’s Office will begin appraising residential properties within the Sweet Home city limits this week and likely continue through August, according to Assessor and Tax Collector Andy Stevens.

Stevens said that although there have been appraisals in some areas of town this is the first time since 1993 that the entire residential community will be involved. He said that prior to the passage of Ballot Measure 50, the county appraised communities every six years.

“Our goal is to get back onto a six-year reappraisal cycle county-wide,” Stevens said.

Chief Appraiser Matt Pitcher said a team of six appraisers will be working in Sweet Home in coming weeks.

“They will be in marked county vehicles and have identification badges,” Pitcher said. “They will be following COVID-19 protocol. If they have a question, they will leave a door hanger on the property.”

Anyone with questions is encouraged to call 541-967- 3808.