Domino’s Pizza Arriving Soon In Sweet Home

Kristy Tallman

Domino’s Pizza is set to make its way to Sweet Home, providing the community with a new dining option in town. The restaurant’s future location will be on the corner of 22nd and Main, right in front of Bi-Mart. The highly anticipated pizza joint is expected to bring a new pizza delivery service to the area.

Though details on the exact timeline of construction and opening remain uncertain, it is known that the establishment will feature a modular commercial building. This innovative approach involves pre-building various components off-site, which are then assembled and installed on-location. Consequently, once construction is complete, Sweet Home can expect to see the restaurant quickly take shape.

“It’s always nice to have a new restaurant option for city residents. While this isn’t a full restaurant, it is an additional amenity for Sweet Home. It’s also just great to have some new development in that area, brightening up what would otherwise be a vacant lot,” said Blair Larsen, Community and Economic Development Director, for the City of Sweet Home.

In the past, the city has received complaints regarding the presence of vacant properties, often accompanied by unsightly junk or overgrown vegetation. However, with the impending arrival of Domino’s, these issues are expected to be resolved more effectively than through enforcement measures alone.

As the town eagerly awaits further information regarding the completion of construction and the opening date, the community can look forward to enjoying piping hot pizzas from the renowned chain in the not-too-distant future.

As further information becomes available updates will be given