Former City Councilor Charged With Rape

James Goble, left, holds a plaque presented to him by the mayor as his term as city councilor ended in 2020. File photos

Former city councilor James Joseph Goble, 50, is being charged with first degree rape, first degree sexual abuse, domestic violence strangulation, domestic violence fourth degree assault and interference with making a report.

Court documents indicate the “interference” charge involved Goble allegedly somehow hindering the plaintiff from making a report to law enforcement by telephone. Goble posted 10% of a security bail. The case is expected to move forward in June.

Goble, who studied criminal justice at Linn-Benton Community College, worked at the Halsey Paper Mill before opening a security surplus store in 2011. In 2012, he took his security company, G6 Security, to New York to be security for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) camps as they helped the city recover from Hurricane Sandy.

James Goble, center, talks with Public Works employees about planned improvements for the BMX track at Upper Sankey Park in 2018.

Goble filled a seat on the Sweet Home Planning Commission in 2013, at which time his listed occupation was molder/assembler at Ti Square. He soon set his sights on improving and expanding the BMX track at Upper Sankey Park, noting the tall vegetation, burned-out street lights and “useless” tracks.

As he threw his hat into the ring for a city councilor’s position in 2014, Goble’s improvements at the BMX track began taking shape, having secured funding and donations for the project. In his bid for a council seat – which he ultimately lost by a coin toss (tie-breaker) – Goble indicated a desire to see improved economic growth in the city, as well as a well-funded police department.

He advocated for safer and better-maintained parks, and did not support marijuana dispensaries in Sweet Home. Goble secured a position on city council in 2016 and completed his term at the end of 2020 when voters did not reelect him.