Free firewood through June 1 in Willamette National Forest

Personal firewood cutting will be free to the general public through June 1 on Willamette National Forest. No permit will be required during that period.

Woodcutters can take up to four cords of firewood for personal use.  A cord is the amount of tightly piled wood in a stack 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. 

“This is a difficult time for many in our community, and we are in this together,” said Willamette National Forest Acting Forest Supervisor Duane Bishop. “It is our hope that people who rely on firewood for their daily living needs benefit from this opportunity.”

Personal use firewood cutting allows you to remove downed timber or to cut standing dead trees under most conditions on the Willamette National Forest.  It is important to check with the local ranger district to see what specific local restrictions or requirements other than those listed below may apply. 

Woodcutters should also use caution while driving on Forest Service roads.  Many remain snow covered and icy at higher elevations.  Roadside shoulders at lower elevations are wet and muddy; many collector roads have soft roadbeds that can easily be damaged by vehicle traffic.          

Additionally, forest officials request that woodcutters also follow these requirements:

– Do not fell green (live) trees for firewood. Do not cut cedar or Pacific yew.

– Do not cut standing dead trees or down logs with signs, tags or paint marks on them. 

– Firewood gathering is prohibited in all developed recreation areas, campgrounds and wild and scenic river corridors.

– Firewood gathering is prohibited within timber sale units or other areas signed or shown on the firewood gathering area map (if provided) as being closed to firewood gathering.

– Trees or logs must NOT be felled or skidded across live streams, lakes, or reservoirs. If a tree is accidentally felled into a waterway, leave the entire tree. Firewood gathering is prohibited within 150 feet of any running stream, pond, lake, marshy, or wet area.

– The following activities are prohibited: using over-the-terrain vehicles for skidding, yarding or skidding systems in excess of 100 feet, log trucks for hauling, or vehicles driven off roadways to gather firewood.

– Six feet is the maximum length piece that may be removed under the firewood program.

Firewood cutting information and guidelines are available Handouts will also be made available to pick up from the front doors of the Sweet Home Ranger District, 4431 Highway 20, by email at [email protected] or by calling the Sweet Home Ranger District office at (541) 367-5168.