Girls hoops eyes rebound with new talent

Skyler Chappell

Throughout the season the girls basketball team looks to improve upon their previous season of 5-18. Not only that, but Coach Erika Evans also hopes to, “focus on creating the program culture that embodies being a family both on and off the court.” With 13 girls on the varsity team and 12 on the junior varsity team, 12 of these are incoming freshmen.

The girls basketball team welcomes these new incoming freshmen, as well as a foreign exchange student.

“We have a lot of freshmen with varying levels of experience in our program this year, as well as a foreign exchange student, Koharu Yasuda, and a senior post, Hannah Donnell,” Evans said.

Although the girls have had a rocky start to the season, losing the “invaluable piece of history for Sweet Home Girls basketball” former player Brooke Burke, and losing their first two games, Evans is still hopeful.

“I think we have a ton of hard working talent that has entered our program this year that are quickly learning to work together as a unit and have truly limitless potential,” Evans said.

Evans hopes to help her program succeed.

“My expectations for everyone in the gym are pretty consistent: create 100,” she said. “Bring 100% of your efforts in everything we do, every day, and pick up the extra for teammates who may be having an off day. Their goal each practice/game is to create 100 opportunities for their teammates to get better and/or succeed. When they do that, we succeed as a program.”

Evans also wishes to re-spark excitement and love for basketball.

“It’s definitely a goal of mine to create the same excitement and love for basketball among our program in the community that Brooke brought to the gym every day,” she said.