Huskie Swim Team Continues Winning Streak – Now 6-1

Kristy Tallman

On Saturday, January 20, in a swim meet against the Stayton Eagles, Crosshill Christian Eagles, and St. Mary’s Crusaders. Huskies took the win on both the boys and girls swim teams.

“Both the boys and girls are now six and one on the year. They are doing really well and working really hard. At this point in the season we are not expecting best times, so any that pop up is a great bonus. We have two more home meets and we are really excited to see what comes out of it,” said Coach A Jay Bronson.

Combined Team Scores – Through Event 22

1. Sweet Home 281

2. Stayton 135

3. St. Marys 84

4. Crosshill Christian 34

Women – Team Rankings – Through Event 22

1. Sweet Home 133

2. Stayton 89

3. St. Marys 22

4. Crosshill Christian 16

Men – Team Rankings – Through Event 22

1. Sweet Home 148

2. St. Marys 62

3. Stayton 46

4. Crosshill Christian 18

200 Yard Medley Relay: Girls: Winners were Peyton Markell, Kirsten Sautel, Payton Brookfield and Daisy Lalonde.

Boys: Winners were Shayne Schuster, RJ Abbott, Blake Arthur, and Andrew Tolman.

200 Yard Freestyle: Girls: Kirsten Sautel, 1st place. Boys: Shayne Schuster 1st place.

200 Yard IM: Girls: Ella Haggas, 1st place.

Boys: Arman Marble, 2nd place

50 Yard Freestyle: Girls: Lexi Rundell, 1st place, Daisy Lalonde, 2nd Place

Boys: Blake Arthur, Austyn Hogan, 3rd place.

100 Yard Butterfly: Girls: Payton Brookfield 2nd place, Ella Haggas 3rd place

Boys: Blake Arthur 2nd place, Garrett Peake, 3rd place.

100 Yard Freestyle: Girls: Peyton Markell, 3rd place

Boys: RJ Abbott, 1st place, Austyn Hogan, 2nd place.

500 Yard Freestyle: Girls: Kirsten Sautel, 1st place, Daisy LaLonde, 2nd place

Boys: Shayne Schuster, 1st place, Andrew Tolman, 2nd place.

200 Yard Freestyle Relay: Girls Team: Kirsten Sautel, Peyton Markell, Lexi Rundell, Payton Brookfield, 1st Place.

Boys Team: Blake Arthur, Ben Tolman, Arman Marble, RJ Abbott, 1st place.

100 Yard Backstroke: Girls: Peyton Markell, 1st place. Beatrice Reeve, 3rd place.

Boys: RJ Abbott, 1st place, Arman Marble, 2nd place.

100 Yard Breaststroke: Girls: Rylee Markell, 1st place, Kylie Melkvik, 3rd place.

Boys: Rey Bumrungsri, 3rd place.

400 Yard Freestyle Relay: Girls: Payton Brookfield, Daisy Lalonde, Rylee Markell, Lexi Rundell, 2nd place.

Boys: Shayne Schuster, Andrew Tolman, Arman Marble, Garrett Peake, 1st place.