Initial Ballot Results Indicate “Likely” for Fire District Bond

As ballot results undergo first counts, it looks like Sweet Home Fire & Ambulance District might receive the bond requested, receiving 52.29% (1,578) “yes” votes against 47.71% (1,440) “no” votes.

These first results show that out of 12,809 registered voters, only 25.40% turned out for this vote. A total 3,254 ballots have been received and 236 were undervotes.

At 47 cents per $1,000 assessed value, the seven-year bond would pay for several things, including two ambulances, two Type 6 brush engines, a functioning radio system and a wood chipper for the Wildfire Risk Reduction Program.

Fire Chief Nick Tyler explained the Wildfire Risk Reduction Program works with homeowners to create that defensible space, which involves cutting down trees and running them through a chipper. The bond would pay for a self-loading chipper that homeowners can use safely and easily.

Tyler also looks toward Cascadia, expecting the bond could help get its Station 24 functioning again.

“It currently has no volunteers,” he explained. “I want to do some building and site improvements there and turn that into kind of the wildland station where our hand crew will work out of.”

In other ballot results:

  • For State Senator, 9th District, only 15 write-in votes were returned for democrats, and republican Fred Girod leads (99.16%, 706).
  • For State Representative, 11th District, democrat Nina Brenner leads (96.69%, 2,248), and republican Jami Cate leads (99.21%, 6,903).
  • For County Commissioner, Position 2, democrat David Scranage leads (96.98%, 5,073), and republican Roger Nyquist leads (98.85%, 11,005).
  • For County Commissioner, Position 3, 1,329 write-in votes for democrats were submitted, and republican Sherrie Sprenger leads (99.15%, 11,146).
  • For US Representative, 5th District, democrat Janelle Bynum leads (67.10%, 5,146), and republican Lori Chavez-DeRemer leads (98.01%, 11,207).
  • For Circuit Court Judge, 23rd District, Position 1, Michael Wynhausen leads (98.43%, 15,817).
  • For Circuit Court Judge, 23rd District, Position 3, Rachel Kittson-MaQatish leads (98.47%, 16,518).
  • For District Attorney, Doug Marteeny leads (98.73%, 16,983).
  • For County Assessor, Matthew Pitcher leads (98.74%, 15,894).
  • For County Surveyor, Thomas Casey leads (98.78%, 15,964).
  • In the presidential race, Joseph Biden is receiving a majority of the votes for democrats with an 82.75% lead, 6,648 votes. Donald Trump is receiving a majority of the votes for republicans with a 93.60% lead, 12,469 votes.
  • For Secretary of State, democrat Tobias Read leads (66.27%, 4,957), and republican Dennis Linthicum leads (60.68%, 7,245).
  • For State Treasurer, democrat Elizabeth Steiner leads (74.69%, 5,469), and republican Brian Boquist leads (99.23%, 10,633).
  • For Attorney General, democrat Dan Rayfield leads (71.16%, 5,215), and republican Will Lathrop leads (60.66%, 7,155).
  • For Supreme Court Judge, Position 2, Rebecca Duncan leads (97.57%, 16,011).
  • For Supreme Court Judge, Position 3, Meagan Flynn leads (97.61%, 15,765).
  • For Supreme Court Judge, Position 5, Arunah Masih leads (97.50%, 15,493).
  • For Court of Appeals Judge, Position 2, Megan Jacquot leads (97.71%, 15,647).
  • For Court of Appeals Judge, Position 4, Robyn Aoyagi leads (97.61%, 15,547).
  • For Court of Appeals Judge, Position 6, James Egan leads (97.39%, 16,250).
  • For Court of Appeals Judge, Position 7, Steven Powers leads (97.80%, 15,590).
  • For Tax Court Judge, Robert Manicke leads (98.52%, 15,745).