LFD Battles Intense Blaze at Santiam Terrace Road Shop – Requires Multi-District Response

Kristy Tallman

Lebanon Fire District (LFD) responded to a shop fire in the 29800 block of Santiam Terrace Road late Sunday evening, Feb. 11, according to the LFD.

The first crews to arrive reported a 40×60 shop engulfed in flames. “Firefighters quickly deployed hose lines and a water appliance called a Blitz fire to combat the blaze,” the District said in their press release. The incident commander called for a second alarm upon arrival to bring additional water tenders from outside agencies to assist due to the rural location and lack of water sources.

According to LFD Deputy Fire Marshal Candace Hedding, due to the extent of the fire and the building collapse, firefighters knew the structure wouldn’t make it so began a defensive attack.

Explosions could be heard from propane tanks and ammunition that was being stored. There were no reported injuries as firefighters worked through the night and through the early morning to extinguish the fire.

Hedding stated of the explosions, “You know when it started to go off, the ammo, it didn’t impose a danger to our firefighters, they were being defensive but we weren’t in the middle of it,” she explained. “It just was loud, but the propane is a different thing and when those go off and blow they can they can shoot up in the air.”

Hedding explained, “They actually found one that had flown in the air and landed on the road on Santiam Terrace, so it flew quite a few feet out from inside the structure. It was the propane tanks that were going to pose more of a hazard for our crew.”

Firefighters estimated that 60,000 gallons of water were used to combat the blaze, with six water tenders shuttling the water.

Sweet Home Fire District, Scio Fire District, Brownsville Rural Fire District, and the Linn County Sheriff’s Office, Albany Fire Department and Tangent Fire District covered additional 911 calls.

Sweet Home Fire District (SHFD) assisted the LBF by sending one of their water tenders over to help.

SHFD Chief said, “Our mutual aid system is extremely important. We have a long-standing, great relationship with Lebanon Fire and the other fire agencies in the county. In today’s fire service, these are critical components to successful operations. All agencies across the nation have experienced a drastic increase in calls for service while also experiencing a decrease in voluntarism. We provide invaluable help to each other when needed, regardless if that is extra firefighters to help or bring water, so operations continue. We are there to support each other.”

“Unfortunately, the homeowners lost everything they had stored in the building, as well as a vehicle parked just outside,” said LFD. “They also lost items in a nearby 40-foot Conex container.”

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated by Lebanon’s fire investigation team (LFIT). The Lebanon Fire District responded with 22 personnel on three engines, three water tenders, one ALS medic unit, one heavy rescue unit for firefighters, and three chief officers.

Lebanon Firefighters would like to remind residents to keep their electrical cords tangle-free to help prevent fires. Additionally, they advise removing electrical cords from under carpets or rugs, as it is a fire hazard. Overloading power strips should also be avoided, as it can lead to fires. Be safe, Lebanon.