Liberals need taste of own medicine


If the liberals are all about income equality, let’s start at the top:

President of the United States Obama could donate his money to Wounded Warriors, live on the same amount of money they make and have the same heath care providers.

Mrs Clinton could donate her money to senior centers in America and live off our present Social Security allotment.

Robert Reich could donate his exorbitant fees ($240G per class) )for speaking at the local colleges to the student loan debt and live off minimum wage.

Harry Reid, who is worth $10 million, should give his money to Gamblers Anonymous and live off the tips and wages earned in the hospitality industry.

All those rich fat cat politicians in the House and Senate would not be allowed to make more than our military personnel or have better medical services.

All those mega rich movie stars should give up all they have then work for the same amount of money earned by our firefighters, police officers, nurses and school teachers.

Those college professors who have studied hard to get a college degree should not be paid any more than those who didn’t.

All those who preach income equality lose the right to do so until they are willing to give up all they have in order to make it happen. Once that happens we will see how long income equality remains an issue.

Jeani West

Sweet Home