Local girl part of winning 4-H horse judging team

Cera Kem of Sweet Home and three other Linn County girls were the winners of the Spring Horse Classic state 4-H horse judging championships at the Medford Fairgrounds April 22-23.

Kem, 15, was the youngest member of the team, which included Mack Dodsworth, 16, of Scio, Jesslyn Jarvis, 17, of Scio, and Alysha Furman, 16, of Lebanon.

The team qualified for the national competition in Denver in November. Linn County won last year as well, Kem said.

“We were all really excited when we won, but we thought we would win because we did really well,” she said. “I didn’t even really know what hippology was the day before (the competition began).”

She said the event was like a “huge trivia game.” Contestants, for instance, had to figure out what type of feed they were given or what kind of hay they were looking at without touching it.

The Linn County team took second in state in horse judging, first in hippology and placed in the top-10 in state for individual horse judging.

Kem said she took ninth in individual judging, Dodsworth took eighth, Furman sixth and Jarvis fifth.