Meet the Court Sportsman’s Holiday 2008 Danyelle Petermen

Danyelle Petermen says she always looked up to the princesses when she was little and wanted to be just like them.

Petermen, 17, is one of six young women who are candidates to be queen of this year’s Sportsman’s Holiday festival, to be held July 11-13. The queen will be selected at a coronation banquet on July 10.

“I ran for Sportsman’s Holiday Court because I wanted to be a role model,” she said. “I always looked up to the princesses. I wanted to be just like them. Now that I am, I hope I am a role model in the same little girls’ eyes.

“I also wanted to help get our community more involved with the Sweet Home events. They are a lot more fun, and I think more people should participate.”

She believes she will make a good representative by influencing her peers and the people of Sweet Home to become closer as a community and be more involved, she said.

“I can personally go to all the events we have,” she said. “I can volunteer more to help clean up our town and be friendly to everyone because one smile can make a difference.”

She thinks her best friend would say she is fun to be around and outgoing, she said.

Petermen will be a senior at Sweet Home High School. She has been involved in cheerleading for three years.

She is the daughter of Ronda and Greg Denver and Jeff and Traci Petermen. She has two siblings, Bryson Denver, 9, and Riley Petermen, 7.

“I have been a lot more involved with our community now that I am on the court,” she said. “We did the Foster Lake cleanup, went to City Council along with Rotary. We went to the Safety Fair and helped a little with that and went to the Tree Fair.”

She has volunteered at cheer clinics, giving kids a smile a day, the Kiwanis Jamboree booth and the Pepsi booth at the Jamboree.

She worked at Dr. Nathan Tolman’s office, at Safeway in Lebanon and now works at Coffee Hut in Sweet Home.

“I love how Sweet Home is so small,” she said. “Everybody knows everybody. Sweet Home is a really friendly town. We always have fun stuff to do, and it’s a great place to grow up.”

She says her mother is her hero.

“She is always encouraging me to succeed. She can always cheer me up. She is always putting her family first. She is just a really amazing person, and I would be who I am today without her.”

If she could live in any time in history, she says she would live in medieval times.

“But I would want to be royalty. I always thought it would be fun to be a real princess watching the jousting. I think I would probably live in England.”