Planners approve use of RV as temporary dwelling

The Sweet Home Planning Commission approved on Sept. 8 the use of a recreational vehicle as a temporary dwelling for a medical hardship.

Jeffery Whitmore was the applicant and resides in the trailer, and Wilma Whitemore owns the property, 438 Mountain View Road.

The Commission voted 4-2 to approve the request.

Anay Hausner and Eva Jurney voted no, while Chairman Henry Wolthuis, Greg Stephens, James Goble and Ned Kilpatrick voted yes. Lance Gatchell was absent.

The commission has split decisions on similar requests several times in the past year. Some commissioners have been concerned that an RV is not identified as a temporary structure or dwelling, while others have been open to approving requests because they are for medical hardships.

In this case, the commission found that the use of a travel trailer is considered a temporary living unit, which contains facilities for cooking, sleeping and sanitation and approved the use of a 40-foot 1994 Dreamer for two years. After one year, the applicant would need to submit a letter from a medical professional describing the ongoing need for the temporary dwelling.

The City Council and Public Safety Committee are considering rules to allow more use of RVs at home annually. Current proposed language will allow them to be used up to 60 days per year.