Rallies take place with ‘no issues’

Two rallies held in Sweet Home Friday evening, July 31, were peaceful, with “no issues,” Police Chief Jeff Lynn said Monday.

A Freedom Rally held at the corner of 15th Avenue and Main Street attracted approximately 60 participants.

Another protest, held on the Main Street sidewalk in front of Sweet Home Family Medicine, drew about half a dozen people holding signs supporting racial equity and other social justice themes.

A full complement of Sweet Home police were augmented by Linn County Sheriff’s deputies and Oregon State Police units, who patrolled the areas of both rallies.

“We brought in some extra resources to make sure it all went peaceful,” Lynn said.

“We did monitor it because there was a lot of comments being made back and forth on social media platforms.”

The only complaint during the events was that a vehicle that being revved loudly at one point near the racial equity rally. By the time police arrived, the offending vehicle had left, he said.

“We were pleased that everybody just allowed the events to take place without any real disturbances,” he said. “If and when these rallies continue, we look forward to the same behavior from everybody.

“One of the great things about our society is the right to assemble peacefully and free speech. These are rights that are afforded everybody – the right to assemble peacefully and free speech.”