Sankey Park to be Cut the Gut Checkpoint

The Park and Tree Committee solidified plans during its April 17 meeting to host a checkpoint for Cut the Gut at Sankey Park.

The citywide event will be held from 6-9 p.m. on July 12.

Blair Larsen reported that in addition to many checkpoints along Highway 20, there will also be one at City Hall. He asked the committee if they were interested in hosting a checkpoint at Sankey Park.

While they expressed interest in the idea, Committee Member Bob Dalton questioned if drivers would want to leave the main drag for a checkpoint a few blocks away.

“I think the main appeal is to have a really beautiful photo spot,” Larsen said, adding suggestions for perhaps allowing vehicles to drive further into the plaza to provide a better photo experience.

The committee agreed to register a checkpoint at Sankey Park and to host a workshop in May to work out details.

In other business:

  • The committee discussed details for the Arbor Day and Kid to Park events for Saturday, April 20;
  • Committee Chair Wally Shreves announced that high school kids will be helping to pull ivy at Sankey Park on May 3;
  • Committee Member Lena Tucker gave an update on public tree health;
  • Shreves reported Knife River offered to donate a concrete pad for Phase III at Sankey Park. He said he would look for donation of gravel as well so the pad could be completed, at which point they could then figure out what type of structure could be on it. Discussion ensued regarding the project and how the donations could play into the city’s match for a grant opportunity. It was brought to the committee’s attention, however, that there is a possibility that when a structure is decided upon, the city might find out the pad will not be up to code for that structure. Shreves and Larsen said a building can be erected on a slab by cutting and building support foundations at the time the building is placed. Larsen said he will look into the matter.