SHHS Hosts Burke Logging Linn County Basketball Championship

The Sweet Home High School hosted its annual Burke Logging Linn County Championship on Saturday, June 15. 

This year, both gyms at the high school and junior high were used. In those gyms, a total of 24 games were played. Eight of the nine high schools in the county attended. Of these schools, South Albany was victorious. 

This championship was played in bracket format, Sweet Home won one game, and struggled in two others. 

This marks the fifth time this event was thrown, and was created to help promote basketball in the off season. Sweet Home took first place in the first event held five years ago. The following three events were won by West Albany, with South Albany winning this year. 

“[We] didn’t play as well as we would have liked but, summer league is all about developing and we have a lot of young guys,” Head Coach Drew Emmert said. “[We] are making big improvements.”

So far in the off season, Sweet Home has played in 20 games, with a team camp planned in the following weeks.