SHHS Wrestlers Shine at Reser’s Tournament of Champions Following 50 Year Mat Club Anniversary

Sky Chappell

Sweet Home Mat Club, founded in 1974 by Wayne Thorpe, Bill Lynn, and Jeff Murphy, celebrated its 50th-year anniversary on January 25, 2024, during the duals against Harrisburg. This milestone marks a long-standing commitment to the sport of wrestling and the development of young athletes within the community. During the dual, Coach Tomas Rosa was acknowledged for his dedication not only to the high school team, but also to Mat Club.

The recent duals against Harrisburg proved to be a mixed bag for Sweet Home. The girls’ team secured the victory with a score of 48.0 to Harrisburg’s 18.0, while the boys’ team fell short, losing with a score of 34.0 to 19.0. Coach Steve Thorpe reflected on the performance, acknowledging Harrisburg’s strength as a formidable opponent. He noted that the outcome of close matches played a pivotal role in determining the final result.

Despite the disappointment of losing, Thorpe emphasized the significance of the event for the sport of wrestling. He said, “You know, I don’t like losing. But you can’t separate the fact that it was a great night for the sport of wrestling.” Thorpe also shared his personal coaching record, revealing that he had only been beaten at home twice in his career, once in 2021 versus Newberg and another time in 2006 versus Cascade. These losses, although hard to swallow, served as valuable learning experiences that ultimately made the team stronger.

In a show of resilience, Sweet Home’s young wrestlers demonstrated their determination and commitment by bouncing back the following day at the Reser’s Tournament of Champions. The team achieved an impressive third-place finish in the highly competitive tournament, which is widely regarded as the toughest championship in the state of Oregon, featuring 25 teams from the region.

Kyle Sieminski claimed the title of the most outstanding wrestler, an honor voted on by coaches. Sieminski’s remarkable season record of 42 wins and 3 losses is a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport.

Riley Vaughan also showcased his talent by securing a third-place finish in the junior varsity (JV) tournament. Vaughan’s achievement earned him the prestigious Gregorian Award for recording the most falls in the shortest amount of time, highlighting his ability to dominate his opponents.

As the Reser’s Tournament of Champions drew to a close on January 27, the Sweet Home Varsity wrestling team’s performance continued to shine. The results of the tournament, weight class by weight class, are as follows:

– 106 lbs: Jesse Landtroop (32-10) placed 3rd and contributed 24.0 team points.

– 113 lbs: Tytus Hardee (32-11) secured 5th place and added 19.0 team points.

– 120 lbs: Kyle Sieminski (42-3) placed 1st, earning 29.0 team points.

– 126 lbs: Jayce Miller (29-11) competed but his placement is unknown, scoring 7.0 team points.

– 132 lbs: Killan Boggs (0-2) also competed without placement, scoring 0.0 team points.

– 138 lbs: James Hearick (28-16) wrestled without placement, scoring 4.0 team points.

– 144 lbs: Kyle Zajic (30-14) competed without placement, contributing 9.0 team points.

– 150 lbs: Jacob Landtroop (28-11) wrestled without placement, adding 5.0 team points.

– 157 lbs: Luke Rosa (29-12) competed without placement, securing 5.0 team points.

– 165 lbs: Ryker Hartsook (31-12) wrestled without placement, earning 6.0 team points.

– 175 lbs: Ashton Swanson (36-7) placed 3rd place, contributing 24.0 team points.

– 190 lbs: David Steagall (27-9) also competed without placement, scoring 6.0 team points.

– 215 lbs: Lynkin Royer (29-12) secured 4th place, adding 22.0 team points.

– 285 lbs: Colton Bennett (27-13) competed without placement, contributing 3.0 team points.

While the duals against Harrisburg may have presented challenges, the team’s resilience and determination were evident as they bounced back to secure an impressive third-place finish in the prestigious tournament. Thorpe commended the team for their response and reiterated his belief that these experiences would ultimately make them better wrestlers.

In contrast, the duals against Harrisburg may have ended with mixed results, but they were a testament to the enduring spirit and dedication of the SHHS wrestlers. With Mat Club being a pillar of the community for five decades, the celebration of the club’s 50th anniversary served as a reminder of the rich history and tradition that continue to shape the future of wrestling in Sweet Home.