SHOCASE features the photography of Twyla Bohrer

Kristy Tallman

On Tuesday, January 2nd, SHOCASE began setting up its newest art display. SHOCASE is a Sweet Home, Oregon non-profit that supports the appreciation, education and promotion of the arts in our local community.

The gallery is being set up in the lobby of city hall featuring artist Twyla Bohrer, whose medium is photography. Her work will be exhibited thru February. There will be a reception on January, 11 from 4pm to 5pm where residents are encouraged to attend.

Twyla is originally from Sweet Home, she currently lives in Eugene. She started her new found adventure during the pandemic after her husband bought her a new Nikon P950. She says she loves photography now and her favorite thing to photograph are birds, especially hummingbirds.

This is Twyla’s first solo art show however she has had her work shown at galleries and shows across the country. One of her favorite hummingbirds on display this month, made an appearance in New York’s Time Square. Also on display is her piece titled Catch of the Day which she has won awards for.

She says she has had no formal training in photography; she just picked up the camera and started shooting images of things she loved. She said when she captured her first hummingbird that’s when she felt she just had a knack with taking pictures.

“I just love taking pictures. I don’t do any editing,” she said, “unless it’s to black and white versus color but no editing is done on any of my pictures.”

She says she would like to have more solo shows, sell more pictures and make photography her full time job.

“It just brings me so much joy and happiness, I hope that when people look at it they feel the same way”

Her most memorable moments since she began her venture, she said, was receiving the award for her Catch of the Day photograph and “then also getting the Rufous Hummingbird, because you don’t see them very often and I only see them for a short time.”

Her pictures are hung throughout the halls and will be available for sale. Each picture has a tag with the price.

Diane Gersen, Chairman of the Art Committee for SHOCASE, was also on hand to assist Twyla with her setup. She has been organizing art shows for local artists at City Hall since it opened. The artists change out every 6 to 8 weeks. She already has artists booked through November of 2024.

“On January 11, we will have a public reception from 4 to 5 pm. It’s low key but it’s a chance for the artist to show their work or sell them if they choose to. She added, “That all goes between the artist and the buyers. The city and SHOCASE have nothing to do with the money. It’s just a public service.”

She’s very excited by the numbers of local artists living in the area and says she hasn’t had but one repeat artist since the inception of the showings.

“I think more people with artistic flair are moving to Sweet Home because it’s a low key beautiful environment.”

Her son built a wood display case that is set up to house smaller artistic pieces such as woodworking or leatherwork. “We also feature local artists who do smaller things that will fit in the case,” said Gersen, “we have a new artist setting up in the case here soon as well.”

She’s made a promise to keep us posted on the upcoming reception and her future artist!

For those who can’t make it down to City Hall on the 11th or over these next several weeks can see Twyla’s work and find out where she will be next over on her Instagram channel @twylabohrerphotography.